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Pre-Law Advisors

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Committee of Pre-Law Advisors is a group of professors from many of the departments at the university. Each of these professors will ensure that they make time to meet and counsel you on the study of law. The two pre-law advisors who chair this committee are: Keith Logan and Judith Rauenzahn. They may be contacted by clicking on the links below. The names of additional pre-law advisors will be listed later in the year. Either of these advisors can provide you with the names of the other pre-law advisors, including any who may be in your program department.

Keith LoganProfessor Keith G. Logan, Esq.







Judith RauenzahnAssociate Professor Judith S. Rauenzahn, Esq.

Other Kutztown University Pre-Law advisors are:

Professor John Lizza

Associate Professor Angelika Antoni

Assistant Professor Donna Steslow, Esq.

Assistant Professor Kerri Cebula, Esq.

Assistant Professor Jennifer Jacobson

Assistant Professor Lindsey Runell, Esq.