Virtual STEM Open House

  • Organisms/Ecology
  • Microbiology/Cells
  • Pre Med and Other Health Careers
  • Allied Health

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Check out the videos below from students and faculty about their KU experience!

Dr. Sacchi introduces the Department of Biology and the many interesting career paths available to students.  He highlights scientific tools and equipment as well as the guidance from dedicated faculty. Our biology majors build a network of colleagues and life-long friends.

Meet Dr. Sacchi

“You will have the support and guidance of caring faculty members to help use these tools, and to use them in a way that you’re thinking like biologists, that you’re thinking like scientists.”

Meet Julianna

“Experience is a valuable thing that employers look for on a resume. Research experience in particular is important for students who want to attend graduate school too. Obtaining grants is not as hard as you think, just go for it and really show your professors that you're willing to put in the work!" 

Julianna is majoring in Biology-Organismal/Ecology. Watch her video about how she wrote a research grant that allowed her to study bats and how she'll use this valuable skill in her future.

Shantae is majoring in Biology-Pre-Med. Watch her video to hear about how important it was for her to have real-life lab experiences at KU and for her internship.

Meet Shantae

“The science discipline takes many forms, and there are a lot of different areas that you can go into. I am a biology major, but I have taken plenty of chemistry classes, plenty of physics classes and other sciences. It is a really interesting field to be in. Don’t be afraid to explore the different parts of your field.”

Meet Georgianna

"You do not have to have everything figured out right away. Spend extra time just making sure that you are doing what you want to do. It is better to be wrong now than being wrong later when it matters.”

Georgianna majored in Biology-Allied Health. Watch her video to hear about Georgianna's epidemiology research related to Covid-19 and hear her insights about the biology department. 

Emily is a Biology Pre-Med major. Listen as she shares her experience preparing for medical school interviews and all that KU has taught her to help her achieve her goals.

Meet Emily

"The classes were perfectly timed for me to prepare for my MCAT."

Meet Cody

“Take the initiative and use every resource you have. Kutztown has an amazing plethora of resources for students to use, and the professors are there for you.”

"Cody is majoring in Biology Pre-Med. Watch his video to learn how he feels his major helped to organize and prepare for his goal of becoming a veterinarian."

Andrew is majoring in Biology-Organismal/Ecology. Watch his video to learn more about his outdoor field research and data analysis of birds in French Creek State Park.

Meet Andrew

“Meeting people with similar interests and goals in their lives is really cool. You get to meet people that are studying biology because they want to and because they want a job in this career field.”

Meet Ava

“As a science major, you have days where you feel like you are going to fail, and it is okay. You just have to keep up with your work and have a good balance of schoolwork and your mental health. Scheduling for time management is huge. You have to find a passion for science, and then it becomes a lot easier.”

Ava is majoring in Biology-Pre-Med. Watch her video to see what she learned about antibiotic research and what it takes to be a scientist for the health industry. She also talks about what it means to be a mentor in the department.