Virtual STEM Open House

Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Check out the videos below from students and faculty about their KU experience!

Allie is a Biochemistry Pharmacy major at Kutztown University. She's taking a close look at DNA to continue the undergraduate research on Apoptosis.

Meet Allison

“Make sure that you build relationships with your professors from day one. Especially in times like these where professors hardly get to see you in person, it is important to make sure to communicate via email and ask them for help when you need it!”

Meet Takumi

“Reach out to the people around you. Making friends with the people around you in classes, especially in big lectures, is a great way to build a support system when times are tough.”

Takumi is majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In his video he explains his research project and how it relates to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Huong "Jacey" Tran is a Biochemistry major. She talks about her professional research presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Regional American Chemical Society meeting investigating pesticide removal methods on various fruits.  

Learn more about Jacey's KU experience as an international student during the pandemic in her Student Spotlight video.

Meet Jacey

“If you want to get involved in research, start as soon as possible. Talk to your professors, go to their office hours. You never know what wonderful opportunities they may suggest for you.”