Virtual STEM Open House

Computer Science & Information Technology

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Check out the videos below from students and faculty about their KU experience!

Meet Jonathan

"Computer science is just math in disguise.”

Jonathan is majoring in Information Technology. Watch his video to hear about a class assignment that inspired Jonathan to keep working even after the class was over.

Dhara is majoring in Computer Science. Watch her video to learn more about how her professors encouraged her to find her passion in the field of robotics.

Meet Dhara

“Everyone has a different starting point, so don’t compare yourself to others; be yourself, meet new people, build connections, focus on your studies, take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves, ask for help when needed and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process.”

Meet Matthew

“I’m in the computer science and the math departments, and those professors know what they’re talking about. When you take 100 and above classes, they really care about talking with you and making sure that you know what you’re doing.”

Matthew is majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics. Watch his video to learn how his journey from the vocational technology IT field in high school led him to mathematics and programming research in college.

Bohdan is majoring in Information Technology. Find out about his deep dive into video game research and his experience developing a game of his own.

Meet Bohdan

“You are going to make mistakes, but the important part is to keep going and to keep trying. Keep pushing through even if you have a few hiccups along the way.”

Meet Professor Pham

"In game development, having a computer science background helps to develop codes and software. It builds skills such as collaboration teamwork, and communication."

Professor Pham teaches game development in the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology. He talks about the kinds of games that students develop and the skills they learn. Professor Pham has also developed industry partnerships and involves students in his research.