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Meet Vanessa

“I love how I can choose any topic and then use math to study it. I can study anything that way. I can study science. I can even apply math to social justice issues because those are very important to me. I can use math to inform public policy and to make the world a more equitable place. I can use math to do any of those things, and that’s awesome.” 

Vanessa is majoring in Mathematics. Watch her video and be inspired by the wide range of academic and leadership opportunities at KU.

Isaac is majoring in Mathematics. Watch his video and hear about the opportunity he has to make a unique professional contribution to the mathematics community.

Meet Isaac

“Mathematics allowed me to do all sorts of magic tricks because I would be able to predict the future based on certain formulas and understand how the world works, and that helped me to experience amazement in a different way.”

Math Department faculty share some of the qualities that help math majors excel at KU.

Faculty Introduction to the Department of Mathematics

"If you come to KU, no matter where your interests lie, we can always connect you with the right resources."