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Clarinet Ensemble

Clarinet Ensemble

The clarinet program at Kutztown University offers numerous opportunities for students to explore specific areas of interest. The Clarinet Choir is open to the entire university population, regardless of major. This ensemble ranges in size from three to 12 players. Styles of performance range from contemporary original works by Pulitzer Prize winning composers to transcriptions of both well-known and obscure Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantic era works, and jazz standards and originals with rhythm section. The instrumentation typically includes the following clarinets: Eb Sopranino, Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, Bb Bass, EEb Contra Alto, and BBb Contra Bass.

Other ensemble activities open to clarinetists at Kutztown University include; Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Combos and Ensembles. All students in the single reed studio are encouraged to study the various woodwind instruments as well as to develop a strong pedagogical background in jazz. The goal of the KU performance ensembles is to develop the highest level of performance, musicianship, and pedagogical concepts that will help each student achieve excellence in their chosen careers.

The constructive environment, personal attention by faculty, and diversity of musical offerings in the clarinet program is characteristic of the entire Department of Music at Kutztown University. The department holds bi-weekly recital hours, where students have the opportunity to perform for their colleagues in a relaxed setting. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the professional accompanist on faculty to prepare major works for performance.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Soo Goh