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Facilities and Procedures

You are required to own all music that you play for public recitals, concerts, and juries. Your lesson grade will be recorded as an incomplete until the literature requirement is satisfied. Duplicating copyrighted music is unethical and illegal. As a musician, you have an obligation to respect composers and support their profession.

Students are financially responsible for the music and equipment they are assigned. Any student who loses his assigned music must replace the entire composition or provide an original published version of the lost part / score.

The percussion studio, Old-Main C-269, is open from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. every day. They key can be signed out from public safety with your student ID. Please remember to return the key, as there is only one. If you leave campus without returning it to Public Safety, no one else can practice.

Instruments may be moved to any hallways and the four practice rooms in the basement of old-Main C-wing.

You will return all equipment to the studio when you are finished with it. Report any equipment in need of repair to the percussion faculty. Do not remove music stands from the percussion studio.

Drum sets are equipped with a crash cymbal, ride cymbal, and high-hat cymbals. Any additional instruments are to be supplied by the student. DO NOT use any school owned concert snare drums on the drum sets.

Equipment is available for off-campus gigs. Instrument checkout must be approved and recorded by the percussion faculty. Check out forms are available in the Department of Music Office, Old Main 114.

You will stay and strike the stage after every percussion concert or recital, even if you didn't play. We all know how much work it is to move percussion equipment. Your colleagues appreciate our help, and the post-concert celebration can begin sooner.

There are lockers located in the hallway on the first floor of Old Main C-wing out side the rehearsal room (Old Main C-31). These lockers can be signed out in the Department of Music Office, Old Main 114. There are additional lockers in the percussion studio.

The school does not have space for everyone to bring their drum sets. KU provides two drumsets for student use. The only exception is if the student is working on a special project which requires a unique set up. These will be considered and approved by the percussion faculty.