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Golden Rules

For a percussionist, organization is the key to success. Percussion students should strive to enhance their qualities of responsibility, flexibility, leadership, and cooperation.

  • Be early to rehearsals and gigs. You have a lot of instruments and implements to prepare before the downbeat is given. Develop an attitude and reputation for always being prepared and having your act together.
  • Organize your time. It is extremely important that all students obtain a class assignment book or a daily calendar to keep track of extra scheduled rehearsals, gigs, concerts, tours, etc. Keep track of your professional commitments and avoid "double bookings."
  • Join PAS. The Percussive Arts Society is an international organization that focuses on the study and advancement of the art of percussion. It is the professional organization for our field. All percussion majors are strongly encouraged to join. Attending the annual PASIC is an investment in your craft. Internationally renowned artists, clinic, concerts, and displays keep you up-to-date. (Save your money and try to make this an annual trip.)
  • As you begin to become more proficient with your instruments, share your experience with your younger colleagues. We are all in this together. Instead of criticizing, help. This will foster a sense of family and responsibility among all of our members. A negative attitude is the first way to lose a gig and defeat our common goal of making good music. A positive attitude can open doors and create a warm environment for music to grow.