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Other Useful Items

  • Stick Case, large attache case, or stick bag to carry and protect your equipment.
  • A rubber stamp, colored tape, paint stick, or labels to identify your sticks, mallets, and music.
  • Two carpet pieces to use on music stands for use as mallet trays.
  • A percussionists "survival kit," that includes: small scissors, roll of duct tape, screw driver, moleskin, nylon fishing line, drum key, timpani key, beeswax (for tambourine heads), etc.
  • 1 or 2 cymbal stands and snare drum stand from home. This will allow you to keep any multi-percussion set-ups intact.
  • Dress for all KU Percussion Ensemble concerts: all black, black shirt/blouse, black slacks/skirt and black dress shoes.
Bass Drum Mallets - General purpose & a pair for rolling. Tom Gauger, Mike Balter, Andrew Feldman, or equivalent.
Chime Mallet - Two large yellow mallets. Cover one surface with moleskin. American Drum - Amber chime mallet, Grover, or equivalent.
Wood Block - One to three various sizes of wood blocks. Mike Allen - Bubinga, Yamaha Maple, or equivalent.
Cowbell - One or two various sizes. Remo, LP, Toca, or equivalent.


Music and Equipment are available from many sources.

Three commonly used by KU Department of Music are:
 Steve Weiss Music
Willow Grove, PA

Earth Rhythms
Penn Ave
Reading, PA

Masters Music Company
121 Ponderosa Dr.
Blandon, PA 19510