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Required Equipment

All percussionists should begin to collect their own equipment. Acquiring the best equipment you can is recommended. Although at times it may be expensive, it should be considered an investment which, with proper care and treatment, will last a lifetime. Share a percussion catalog with family members to use for gift ideas at birthdays and holidays. The following list is a minimum requirement for percussion students as they begin their percussion study at Kutztown University:


1 pair, General Purpose Drum Sticks Innovative James Campbell, Alan Abel-Concert, Innovative-Chris Lamb, or equivalent
1 pair, light drum set sticks Vic Firth 7A, or equivalent
1 pair brushes Vic Firth Wire Brushes, or equivalent
1 pair multi-mallet Vic Firth-Swizzle B (SD6), or equivalent
2 pair medium yarn marimba mallets
(Birch Shaft) or equivalent
Balter 223BB, Balter 52B,
2 pair, medium vibe / marimba mallets
(Rattan Shaft) or equivalent
Balter 23R, Malletch-Dave Samuels
1 pair medium rubber mallets Balter 103(brown), or equivalent
1 pair, hard rubber mallets Balter 104-360 or ENS-360R, or equivalent
1 pair, xylophone mallets Malletech-Bob Becker BB34, or equivalent
1 pair, polyball mallets   Balter G3
1 pair, General Purpose timpani mallets
(Wood, Bamboo, or Aluminum)
Balter T1-T2, Hinger-Red, or equivalent
1 pair, Staccato timpani mallets Balter T0, Hinger-Blue, or equivalent
Tuning fork / Pitch Pipe A-440 for tuning timpani or APP
Practice Pad HQ Percussion-Real Feel
2 triangle clips Utility clamps from hardware store and nylon fishing line loop to hang triangle
Triangle Alen Abel-6", Grover-6", or equivalent
Triangle Beaters Balter, Grover, Stoessel, or equivalent
Tambourine   Grover-double row, Black Swamp-double row, or equivalent
Metronome "Dr-Beat," Tama-Rhythm Watch, or equivalent or App