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Syllabus for Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble- MUP 234
Permission of the Instructor 


Marimba Ensemble - Section 010: Tuesday, Thursday - 8:00 a.m.
World Percussion Ensemble - Section 020: Tuesday, Thursday - 9:00 a.m.


  • To provide a performance opportunity in percussion
  • To experience the literature for percussion ensemble
  • To experience the role of percussion in cultures around the world
  • To build musicianship through small ensemble performance
The music performed by the percussion ensemble will be selected from the existing body of percussion ensemble literature, newly composed works, student compositions and arrangements, and traditional world percussion music. A guest artist will be invited for residency, and a concert performance with the ensemble for the annual Spring Concert.

Students are responsible for preparation of the assigned repertoire. Attendance is critically important to the grade, since each player is assigned to individual parts. Grades will be lowered one letter grade for each unexcused absence. Because class time may be divided among several pieces, lateness will affect grade as well. Be sure you know when you are required to be at rehearsal. Grades will be lowered 1/2 after the student is 10 minutes late. Unexcused absence from any on-campus or off-campus performance will result in a two letter grade reduction. The evening semester concerts are the culmination of each students work. Missing any evening concert will result in a failure of the class.

Dress for all KU Percussion Ensemble concerts is all black; black shirt/blouse, black slacks/skirt. and black dress shoes. Clothes should not be faded, washed out, or display any writing or logos. Make arrangements early if you need to gather items to complete your concert attire.