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Jazz and Lunch

Bass player picJazz and Lunch is a clinic program that brings interested high school or middle school jazz ensembles to campus for a one-two hour clinic with Dr. Kjos and other members of the Jazz Faculty as their availability allows, followed by lunch, courtesy of KU Jazz Studies, while observing a rehearsal of KU Jazz Ensemble I. This casual yet structured format has proven to be very popular with schools from across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is available any Monday, Wednesday or Friday that Kutztown University is in session and Jazz Ensemble I is on campus.

This is a great way to get ready for the "jazz season," to get another point of view from pros in the field, and for high school and junior high/middle school students to see a college jazz ensemble prepare for a performance. Members of the visiting school are encouraged to "sit in" with Kutztown University Jazz Ensemble I during rehearsal and feel free to ask questions of the Kutztown University students about anything that comes to mind, from how much college students practice, to what college is like.

If you and your school are interested in attending Jazz and Lunch, simply contact:

Dr. Kevin Kjos
Director of Jazz Studies, Kutztown University


You can also call the Department of Music Office at 610-683-4550.

Jazz Masters

Masterclass picsFor the past twelve years, the Kutztown University Department of Music Jazz Studies Area has brought onto campus some of the leading jazz performers and educators from around the country as part of its Jazz Masters Series. This program is designed to give Kutztown University students and area high school and junior high/middle school students direct, face-to-face access to these masters of the craft. A typical Jazz Masters Residency has the artist presenting one/two-day sessions with big band, combo, improvisation, and master classes on their particular specialization (drums, trumpet, saxophone, etc.). During this visit, time is set aside to allow the students to ask questions of the artist in both formal (classroom) and informal (going out to lunch, etc.) settings.

We think it is important to not only have the artist present techniques and advice, but also to allow the students, no matter their skill or experience level, to be able to "get to know" these artists. Often, email addresses and phone numbers are exchanged between Kutztown University music students and the clinicians, in many cases resulting in a mentor/apprentice relationship that lasts long beyond the visit. It is not uncommon for a Kutztown University music  student to go to New York, hear a world famous player in a high profile venue, and return with a comment like "I had a nice talk with Dick Oatts. What a great guy," all because they met as part of the Jazz Masters Series. Dick Oatts is lead alto saxophonist in the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra.

This program has resulted in KU students staying very active in the world jazz scene in terms of concert attendance and participation. They become aware of the important musicians now playing and of various ways of studying and appreciating the music. But most of all, these visitors inspire and motivate our students. Doug Perviance, a member of the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra that made a Jazz Masters visit in 2002, said to several members of KU Jazz Ensemble I in an informal setting shortly after their clinic, "If I and the others in this group can make it playing jazz, you can too." Needless to say, this brief remark had a lasting effect on the Kutztown students.

Perviance BlurbPast Jazz Masters

  • Randy Brecker
  • Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
  • Bill Reichenbach
  • Mike Davis
  • Rachel Z
  • Scott Lee
  • Steve Houghton
  • Cyrus Chestnut Trio
  • Fred Sturm
  • Allison Miller
  • Steve Wilson
  • Ray Drummond
  • Bruce Barth
  • Bob Mintzer
  • Pat Harbison
  • Graham Breedlove
  • Bob Baca
  • Tom Walsh
  • Jamey Simmons
  • Michael Philip Mossman
  • Larry Lelli
  • Scott Wendholt
  • and many others... .