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Fall 2017 Orchestra Audition Information

Date, time, and venue:

  • Tue, Aug 29, 4:30 - 6:00pm, Schaeffer 114
  • Sign-up outside the music office



  • 16 bars before letter A to letter A.
  • 2 bars after letter A to 16 before letter B.
  • Two beats before the Doppio piu lento to 3 bars before letter F.
  • Letter G to the end.​  


  • Letter A to B Doppio piu lento to the 8th bar after the Tempo I.
  • Letter G to the end.  


  • Letter A to B. 8th bar of the Doppio piu lento to letter F.
  • 17 bars after letter F to letter G.  


  • Letter A to B.
  • Letter G to the end.

Winds and Brass: