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B.A. in Music (Commercial Music)

KUR Mixing BoardThe commercial music degree combines the study of music in a liberal arts setting with business, performance, technology, and administrative coursework. Students will develop technical skills beyond the fundamentals of musicianship across a wide range of musical genres. This is a career-focused program dedicated to the creation, recording, assessment, performance, and marketing of original music. Students will learn to translate and adapt new skills into a rewarding career. This program addresses the active, shifting scene of the music profession, serving the needs of musicians who do not fit the traditional music offerings.

Internships opportunities will allow students to collaborate with individuals, businesses and artists from related disciplines in many areas. These includes live performance, recording studios, music labels, radio, booking agencies, music publishing, licensing and production companies. Graduates will be equipped to work in a range of fields such as an audio engineer, performing musician, artist manager, booking agent, studio manager, venue manager, and others. Students may also choose to further their studies in the Masters in Arts Administration offered at KU upon graduation.

Audition Requirements

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