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Bachelor of Science in Music Education

BS MusicAccredited by National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), this program serves teacher candidates who wish to be certified in general, instrumental, and choral music teaching in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in Pennsylvania. This certification is also accepted as initial certification in many other states. The Music Education major at Kutztown combines the studies of the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the College of Education.

Professional Music Education Courses

  • Comprehensive courses in elementary and secondary music as well as vocal and instrumental methods to learn effective teaching strategies, principles of child development and current theories in music education
  • Sequential course program that develops piano proficiency, conducting skills, and the use technology in the classroom
  • Instrumental technique courses to acquire the knowledge to both teach and play woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments
  • Specialized courses for vocalists in vocal pedagogy, diction, and vocal ensemble literature 

Practical Field Experience

  • Supervision and mentoring by experienced choral and instrumental music education faculty
  • Observation and Field Experience placements beginning the first year and continuing each year with increased planning and teaching responsibilities
  • Field Experience in urban, rural and suburban elementary, middle and high school settings
  • 14-week student teaching with choice of elementary, middle or high school or a combination of two levels

Comprehensive Performance and Musicianship Training

  • Four years of applied instrument lessons with applied faculty culminating in a senior recital
  • Large ensemble experiences each semester including orchestra, wind ensemble, choir or jazz ensemble plus additional opportunities such as wind and string chamber ensembles, operas and jazz combos
  • Comprehensive music courses in theory, aural skills and music history

Committed Undergraduate Education

  • Small classes taught by distinguished faculty dedicated to the undergraduate educational experience
  • Students are never taught by graduate assistants
  • Writing and communication skills emphasized as a core component of a high-quality general education
  • Attendance at national, regional, and state music education conferences and workshops such as those of Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA)

Degree Checksheet