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Music Checksheets

Checksheets provide degree requirements for major and minor programs of study at Kutztown University. 

Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.S. Music EducationMajor8/27/2018 (Current Version)
B.A. MusicMajor8/27/2018 (Current Version)
M.Ed. Music EducationMajor8/22/2016 (Current Version)
B.S. Music EducationMajor8/24/2015
B.A. MusicMajor8/24/2015
B.A. MusicMajor8/26/2013
B.S. Music EducationMajor8/29/2011
Audio EngineeringMinor1/20/2015 (Current Version)
Music HistoryMinor1/20/2015 (Current Version)
JazzMinor1/20/2015 (Current Version)
MusicMinor8/27/2007 (Current Version)

Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.A. Music : Commercial MusicMajor8/27/2018 (Current Version)
B.A. Music : Commercial MusicMajor8/22/2016
B.A. Music : Commercial MusicMajor8/24/2015

Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.A. Music : PerformanceMajor8/27/2018 (Current Version)
B.A. Music : PerformanceMajor1/23/2017