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An internship is a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience with intentional learning goals. It is temporary work that enhances resume and provides students with professional experience. Internships are a key ingredient to success, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge to real world application. It defines career interests and allows students to get their foot in the door for a first full-time, permanent employment.

Internships can be completed locally while enrolled in other courses at Kutztown University. Internships can also be arranged in a regional city such as Philadelphia or New York, across the country in a city such as Los Angeles or even abroad. Depending upon the location, students may complete an internship during the fall, spring, or summer term.

In addition to internships, music students may work as assistants in the music office, tutoring center, KUPresents, Schaeffer Auditorium, piano technician assistant, recording engineer, or assistants to ensemble conductors. Visit the music office for more information.

Kutztown University Career Services Internships Page