The Center for Mallet Percussion Research

The Center for Mallet Percussion Research at Kutztown University houses a large and historically significant collection of rare instruments, music, and memorabilia.

Marimba players playing an array of marimbas as audience looks on.

The Instrument Collection includes eight King George Marimbas, Century of Progress Marimba, King George Bass Marimba, Canterbury Marimba, Deagan Imperial Marimba, Deagan Artist Special Xylophones, Deagan Radio Special Xylophones, Deagan Song Bells, Leedy Vibraphone, and Canterbury Vibraphone.

The Memorabilia Collection contains historical photographs, recordings and documents by George Hamilton Green, Joe Green, Sammy Herman, Harry Breuer, Teddy Brown, The International Marimba Symphony Orchestra, The Century of Progress Marimba Orchestra, and The Marimba Masters.

The William Cahn Record Library holds indexed and digitized xylophone recordings from 1870-1925.

The Gordon B. Peters Percussion Chamber Music Library contains over 180 titles of sheet music for marimba ensemble that are available for direct purchase.

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