Spring 2020 First Year Seminar Courses

The following First-Year Seminars are being offered in Spring 2020:

Course #

Professor FYS Title Course Description



Shaw Horror in Contemporary American Culture Horror, full of blood and fright, has long been a popular genre in visual arts, fiction, and other media. Over the last 30 years, horror's popularity has intensified, especially in film, comics, and shows produced for TV and the Internet. This course examines the tropes and techniques of contemporary horror in American film, comics, and novels. The course asks why we are compelled by and attracted to images and texts designed to scare and repel us.
3721 Kutch Globalization and Challenges to Identity Over the past decade, world leaders have consistently identified globalization as a common challenge and opportunity. Students in all fields of study need to learn how to think and engage globally. This FYS considers theoretical and practical ways that disparate cultural perspectives influence personal identity and understanding of the world. Through inquiry-based learning, students will investigate what has contributed to their cultural perspective and apply this knowledge by analyzing connections between local and global perspectives.