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Approval Process

Because we have four different colleges all with the same General Education program, future changes to KU's General Education program must follow an approval process that takes into account all constituencies. Anticipated changes fall into three major types:

  • Structural changes to the University Core, University Distribution, or Competencies Across the Curriculum (such as adding another category, removing a sub-category, adding a new prefix to an existing sub-category, or adding/removing a Competency Across the Curriculum) would constitute a significant change in the General Education program.
      • Because the current structure was approved by APSCUF-KU Representative Council, University Senate, and the University Curriculum Committee, any change to that structure would require the approval of all three bodies.
      • All three bodies have representation from all four colleges.
  • Approval of a course that meets a Competency Across the Curriculum would be considered a straightforward, regularly-occurring matter.
      • Each of the seven Competencies Across the Curriculum (CAC) have guidelines for determining if a given course qualifies for CAC designation. Requests for CAC designation are sent directly from the department to the GEC, who will review the application and make a recommendation to the UCC, which will have final approval. Please refer to the Competencies page of this website for the guidelines and approval forms for Competencies Across the Curriculum.
      • Both the GEC and the UCC have representation from all four colleges.