Spring 2022 First Year Seminar Topics

The following list of First Year Seminar topics will be offered in Spring 2022. Students can search for the times for each topic on the MyKU course search system. Many of the professors have also added their e-mail contact information if students have further questions on the class.



Stress Management for College Students: Tools for successful student performance

This course is designed to promote the students overall health through the development of personal skills to enhance their well-being. Students will be introduced to the benefits of stress management; the development and practice of stress management tools, activities (meditation, Tai Chi), and personal enrichment activities. Students will be introduced to: strategic self-enriching personal skill development and research based exploration of topics that range from: depression, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, as well as relaxation techniques.


El Mounadi

M&Ms: Mushrooms, Molds and Man

M&Ms: Mushrooms, Molds and Man explores the magical, mysterious, medicinal and sometimes menacing world of fungi. What exactly are fungi? What is the difference between mushroom and mold? Where do fungi grow? Why are some of them "magical" while others are mischievous causing devastating human and plant diseases? Through readings, discussions, movies, presentations and collaborations, students will learn how these fascinating, yet often undermined, organisms can heal, sustain life, change the course of history and impact civilization



Art and Architecture of Harry Potter

This course focuses on art/architecture that appears in the Harry Potter franchise (books and films). Students will learn about filming locations (eg. cathedrals, cloisters) as well as props created for the films and the real artworks that inspired them. We will explore the historical significance of these artworks and buildings, discussing them in relation to the major literary themes of the Harry Potter books. Students will master and use research, writing, and presentation skills.