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Competencies Across the Curriculum

Competencies Across the Curriculum are thematic courses that provide students with a common intellectual experience through which they further develop the interdisciplinary skills acquired through the University Core Curriculum and University Distribution Requirements, thus forming the basis for intellectual and civic capacities. Note that such courses may also fulfill requirements elsewhere in a student's program of study, either in General Education (except for the University Core Curriculum), the student's major, or a minor.

As the General Education Committee and the University Curriculum Committee approve courses for fulfilling the Competencies, they will be added to the list that can be found by clicking HERE. Once approved, all sections of the course may be offered in subsequent semesters as fulfilling that particular provision of General Education. The decision to offer the course as fulfilling a Competency Across the Curriculum is made by the department chair in consultation with the dean and provost. Such courses will be indicated in the Master Schedule with two letter designations.

The seven Competencies Across the Curriculum are listed below. For more information about each one, including the rationale for inclusion in the General Education program, the criteria necessary for Competency Across the Curriculum designation, and the forms necessary to request Competency Across the Curriculum designation, click on the INFO button in front of each. To download a pdf document of the guidelines, click on the PDF button in front of each.

KU Faculty: Click HERE to go directly to the download page for the Approval Forms. 

Writing Intensive Info Button Writing Intensive PDF Button

Writing-Intensive (WI)

Quantitative Literacy Info Button Quantitative Literacy PDF Button

Quantitative Literacy (QL)

Computer Intensive Info Button Computer Intensive PDF Button

Computer-Intensive (CP)

Visual Literacy Info Button Visual Literacy PDF Button

Visual Literacy (VL)

Communication Intensive Info Button Communication Intensive PDF Button

Communication-Intensive (CM)

Cultural Diversity Info Button Cultural Diversity PDF Button

Cultural Diversity (CD)

Critical Thinking Info Button Critical Thinking PDF Button

Critical Thinking (CT)