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Reporting Templates

In order to assess how well we are meeting the General Education goals, the GEAC has developed a set of "reporting templates," one for each domain, to be used by departments to facilitate reporting the results of their assessment efforts. Below are those templates. Click on a domain to download an PDF version of the template for that domain.


1.1 Inquiry and Analysis
1.2 Decision Making
1.3.a Critical Thinking
1.3.b Creative Thinking
1.4.a Written Communication
1.4.b Oral Communication
1.5 Quantitative Literacy
1.6 Information Literacy
1.7 Teamwork and Problem Solving
1.8 Wellness
2.1 Sciences
2.2 Mathematics
2.3 Social Sciences
2.4 Humanities
2.5 Histories
2.6 Languages
2.7 Arts
3.1 Local and Global Civic Knowledge and Engagement
3.2 Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
3.3 Ethical Reasoning and Action
3.4 Personal Qualities and Attitudes such as passion, curiosity, self-confidence, imagination, cooperation, commitment, and support for life-long learning