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General Admission Requirements

  1. Proof of a degree in one of the content areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, or English) with a 3.0 GPA in the content area. If a student does not have one of the content areas they will have to select a concentration area of Math, Science, Social Studies or English and complete the required 21 credits of undergraduate course work as required by the Elementary Education Department prior to acceptance into the program. (see Required Content Courses Prior to Master's Program)
  2. Evidence of achievement of a 3.0 grade point average.
    A. Immediate Acceptance: Evidence of a 3.00 cumulative undergraduate grade point average
    B. Conditional Acceptance: Grade of "B" or better in 3 courses selected by the department, a total
    of 9 credits. Then formal application.
  3. Completion of graduate entrance application with supporting documentation.
  4. Acts 24, 34 and 114 and 151 background checks completed. Completed FBI clearance report
    from Cogent.
  5. All content courses completed in area of certification.
  6. Evidence of cleared TB testing.