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Master of Education in:

Student Affairs in Higher Education

The Master of Education degree program in Student Affairs is designed to prepare students for professional careers in student affairs in institutions of higher education. Such careers are typically found in one or more of the following areas: admissions, athletics, career services, financial aid, housing and residence life, international student affairs, commuter services, intramurals and recreational sports, judicial services, minority affairs, orientation services, registration and records, student activities, student services, and women's affairs. The program combines experiences that are practical, specialized, and individual with those that are broad and theoretical. Research skills and an understanding of the relevant literature for the discipline are a part of the program.

This is a forty-two (42) semester hour, two-year graduate program, and requires a final capstone project for degree completion. Applicants are notified of the date of the interview after other general admission requirements have been completed. All courses are three semester hours unless otherwise stated. All students accepted into this program must complete all requirements within six (6) calendar years.

Professional credits students who intend to apply for admission to this program are limited to FOUR courses prior to admission.

For additional information, please contact the Graduate Admissions office.

Admission Requirements

Official transcripts from previous colleges or universities (non-KU), 3 letters of recommendation, 3.0 undergraduate GPA, department interview, statement of knowledge and experience in Student Affairs.

Application and Admission information

Recommended Graduate Application Deadlines

Graduate Students

For Student Affairs programs:

*To be considered for the next Fall semester, complete application file between February 1 and April 1.

Student Learning Outcomes

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