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Supervisory Certificate in:

Curriculum and Instruction

The Supervisory Certificate program is now a hiring requirement in many local school districts; specifically when a district seeks to add district coordinators, supervisors and department heads to its staff. The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, one of KU's largest graduate programs in enrollment, is the degree that most closely aligns with the courses needed for the supervisory certificate. By carefully selecting courses, graduate students can earn both the M.Ed. and the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certificate simultaneously.

The program integrates course-work with an internship in the school setting.

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Admission Requirements

1. Students may complete coursework toward the supervisory certificate upon  entering the graduate program, but they cannot complete the certificate until five years of successful teaching is documented within their area of certification.  This requirement will be verified by a chief school administrator's written verification on school letterhead.  The student must hold a valid teaching certificate.

2. A 3.0 undergraduate GPA is required for admission into the program.

3. Students must complete an approved internship program preparing the applicant for the broad area, district-wide K-12 supervisory functions specified by the endorsement of the certificate.

4. The PRAXIS Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision (0411) examination must be taken and passed as part of the successful completion of this program

Student Learning Outcomes

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