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Honors Alumni

Sara, alumni class of 2017    

From the very beginning, the Honors Program has changed my life for the better. It gives you a sense of community and a wonderful group of people that you can take classes with, study with, and even room with. Without the Honors Program, I would not have met the crazy group that I now call my best friends and I would not have become the person I am today. The program provided me with many opportunities to grow both socially and academically. It's boards and my position as being Honors Hall's Community Assistant helped me grow in my independence and responsibility, the events helped me grow socially, and it's Capstone project challenged me like nothing I have ever experienced before. I was able to understand what it is really like in academia and the professional world. My experience with my Capstone project allowed me to become seen in the professional world as well as helped me gain connections throughout my field. Without this project, I would not have made it into my graduate program. KU and it's Honors Program is where I started and I will cherish my memories and my experience with them both.  

-Sara Wingert, Class of 2018




Karli Molignoni, Class of 2018 The Honors Program at Kutztown was a major part of my undergrad experience. I am especially appreciative of all of the honors courses and the professors who taught them. These professors know what honors students are capable of and they hold standards that are both challenging and encouraging. I had many meaningful relationships as a result of being in the Honors Program, and I can't imagine what my experience would have looked like without those relationships. I am grateful for the experiences that the Honors Program provided me, including access to a community of intelligent, like-minded people, opportunities to network through conferences, and an environment where hard work is expected and celebrated.

-Karli Molignoni, Class of 2018