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Scholarships & Honors Diploma


The Honors Program awards several merit-based scholarships worth up to $500 a year and renewable for three years. All incoming freshmen who have joined the program are automatically considered for a scholarship without submitting an application. All other students must apply. The Honors Office will notify the recipients.

The Honors Program has four available scholarships:

Helen Marcks Scholarship


1. Must have Financial Need

2. Cumulative GPA must be above 3.25

3. There are up to 25 scholarships per year

Levi Gresh Scholarship


1. Intend to complete Honors Program

2. Completed community service

3. Cumulative GPA must be above 3.25

4. There are 5 scholarships per year

Samuel Wehr Scholarship


1. Must demonstrate financial need

2. Must be a Full-time Honors student

3. There are 2 scholarships per year

John Holingjak Scholarship


1. Must have financial need

2. Must be a freshmen entering into the Honors Program

3. Preferably be an Education major


An Honors diploma is awarded to those students in the program who have met all college requirements, completed at least 21 credits in Honors coursework with a grade of "B" or higher, attained a minimum cumulative quality point average of 3.25 and completed the service component. A grade of "C" (or lower) will not count toward Honors credit. Students are not required to pursue an Honors diploma to take a class although it is strongly encouraged.