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Words from the Director

The Kutztown University Honors Program is an organization focused on serving students who are motivated to advance their interests both in the classroom and independently. KU Honors fosters student curiosity by providing opportunities to work closely with other highly motivated students, study independently with faculty, and utilize space and resources provided by the Honors Program. Through these opportunities, students develop intellectual maturity in an environment conducive to academic freedom.

Members of the Honors Program are not simply fine scholars; they also serve as leaders of student government, academic societies, the campus newspaper staff, and athletic teams. They are, in sum, students committed to taking full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them at Kutztown University.

The many opportunities available through the Honors Program at Kutztown University enable our most highly motivated students to realize their full potential. Over and over again we hear students say "This program has made an overwhelming difference in my college experience and achievement".

Honors Program students learn in seminar-style classes, present their research and academic projects at campus, regional, and national forums, attend extra-curricular scholarly, cultural, and aesthetic events, and develop themselves as life-long learners and academic campus and community leaders.

Exceptional students deserve exceptional opportunities. Come ready to be challenged through unique course offerings, independent research, active learning experiences, area service opportunities and a community that values and supports academic excellence.


Best Wishes!       Johanna Forte

Johanna Forte

Associate Professor

Honors Program Director