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Honors FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

These benefits are stated by the Honors Club Executive Board 

Melanie Edwards (Parliamentarian) - "One of the most important benefits of the Honors Program to me is the community of friends and peers. I have found so many motivated people who share many of the same aspirations that I do. I can't imagine Kutztown without the friends that I made my freshman year in the Honors Program."

Trevor Smith (Programming Chair) - "I feel that the biggest benefits of the Honors Program include making lasting friendships and finding greater opportunities for career growth. Students across campus always make connections with new friends, but in the Honors Program, friends are created through rooming together, studying together, and so much more. The Honors Program also is great at searching for ways to grow everyone's career paths. The students are provided with many more resources on a personal level, which encourages them to broaden their horizon and reach for new heights."

Annika Naumann (Treasurer) - "The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor on my capstone project. This experience has been very rewarding and allowed me to learn outside of the classroom setting. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me academically. Not every college student gets the opportunity to work closely with professors as an undergraduate, which sets Honors students apart during interviews for internships and jobs."

Morgan Contoleon (Transfer Task Force Advisor) - "1. Having a home away from home. I'm a commuter and I really appreciate having a place to heat up my food, take a quick nap, print out my homework, and make friends! 2. Having early registration so we get the best class times! It's great being able to get into the classes that we want to take."

Alexis Williams (President) - "The Honors Program has provided me with many leadership opportunities and a chance to grow as an individual academically, professionally, and personally. A benefit of the Honors Program is that it can help you in whatever way you need it to. I've made close friends, professional connections, and have taken some of the most intriguing classes of my college career with Honors. As a senior looking back at my time at Kutztown, the Honors Program definitely had a massive impact on my college experience."

Theresa Quedenfeld (Public Relations Chair) - "The best part of being in the honors program is getting to be a part of a close community of students who are focused about building their futures. Throughout my time in the program, I have gotten to meet and connect with people who have opened up great opportunities that build confidence and leadership skills."

Brandon Cressley (Freshmen Services Co-Chair) - "For me, I think one of the greatest benefits of the Honors Program is early registration. We almost never have to worry about not getting the classes we want, so we can relax knowing our classes are selected before some students even meet with their advisor."

Brooke Eshbach (Freshmen Services Co-Chair) - "In my opinion, the biggest benefits of the Honors Program are the additional resources that are made available to us, like the 24-hour access downstairs, and the Honors housing options that allow us to live in a community of like-minded individuals with similar work ethics."

Abby Greco (Vice President) - "Some of the best parts of being an Honors Student are really unspoken. Of course, there are the major perks like how the Honors office itself has so many physical resources that I utilize as an education major, such as free color printing and a laminator, but really the best part of being in Honors is the relationships that you can create with other people. Since being in Honors, I have made connections with professors all across campus who I would not come into contact with otherwise, and whom have proven themselves to be great resources in creating opportunities outside of my major. Additionally, having a support group of like-minded people who understand exactly what you are going through and what you are working towards is really something special."

Kelly Groth (Fundraising Chair) - "Being in the Kutztown Honors Program has given me the opportunity to meet others of similar mind to me. I feel as though I have a community of people within this larger university. I have chances as well to take classes with these peers and these allow for more intellectually driven conversations. From this program, I have gained many friends and I feel it is a place where I can fit in."

Morganne Bennett (Community Service Chair) - "The Honors Program has presented me with so many opportunities here at Kutztown. Through the Honors Program, I have met so many amazing individuals such as professors that have gone out of their way to make sure I am successful and even my best friend. Through the honors program, I was presented the opportunity to study abroad which allowed me to make so many connections and gain a new perspective on the world. The Honors Program has allowed me to become the student I am today." 

2. What do I need to do to get into the Honors Program?

Please see prospective student page for requirements to meet the criteria of the Honors program. 

3. What is a Course by Contract?

A course by contract is a contract between a student and a professor that turns a regular course into an Honors course. Any course taught at this university has the potential be made into an Honors course.

Courses by Contract should be used for those courses that can propel you into your Capstone. If there is a course related to your Capstone interest, use that course as an opportunity to explore the potential in the course for your Capstone.

It is wise to wait to use your Courses by Contract until later in your academic career, perhaps 60 credits into your degree program. There are always exceptions, and most of them will be for students in the College of Education. Courses by Contract should not be used for Winter or Summer Session classes.

Students who entered Honors as freshmen have two Courses by Contract available to them and students who transferred into the Honors program have three Courses by Contract available to them.

4. What constitutes "service?"

Service is volunteering to help out with projects/programs sponsored by the university, the Honors Program, the Borough of Kutztown or an organization in your hometown.

5. How many hours do I need to fulfill the Honors community service requirement?

30 hours of service spread throughout your four years is required for the completion of our Honors Program requirement.

We require our students to perform a minimum of five hours of service per semester.

We will allow only ten hours per event to be logged into your records. We do this because we would like all our students to diversify their interests.

6. Are Honors courses harder than regular courses?

Honors courses are not necessarily harder than a regular course, but the best Honors courses are more in-depth. A good amount of our General Education introductory courses have an enrollment of 80-100 students. Honors only courses are generally capped at 20 students.

Honors students develop one-on-one relationships with their professors. These professors know their Honors students by name as well as by their intellect. They are more apt to write better letters of recommendations leading to better job placement.

7. Am I required to do an internship?

No, you are not required to complete an internship. Some major programs require an internship. The Honors Program will allow you to receive Honors credit for that same internship as long as Honors expectations are met and the correct paperwork is filled out.

8. What are the requirements for the capstone project?

Please see the Capstone Guide for more information.