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Honors FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What do I need to do to get into the Honors Program?

Incoming freshmen need to have earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 and score a 1270 on SAT or 26 composite ACT. If you meet these basic requirements you will be invited to participate.  Transfer students and current KU students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.

2. What if my GPA is slightly below the required 3.25? May I still apply?

 Yes, but given the above, a 500-word essay, two academic letters of recommendation, and a brief interview will be required.

3. What is a Course by Contract?

Any course taught at this university can be made into an Honors course. You need to identify the course you would like to use for Honors credit.

Approach the professor asking if he/she would consider working with you to make the course Honors worthy. This means having the professor assign you two or three assignments outside of the work found on the syllabus.

Fill out the Course by Contract form found in Honors Hall or on our website.

Students may not do more than two Course by Contracts.

4. What constitutes "service?"

Service is volunteering to help out with projects/programs sponsored by the university, the Honors Program, the Borough of Kutztown or an organization in your hometown.

5. How many hours do I need to fulfill the Honors community service requirement?

30 hours of service spread throughout your four years is required for completion of our Honors Program requirement.

We require our students to perform a minimum of five hours of service per semester.

We will allow only ten hours per event to be logged into your records. We do this because we would like all our students to diversify their interests.

6. Are Honors courses harder than regular courses?

Honors courses are not more difficult, they are more in-depth, than regular university courses. A good many of our General Education introductory courses have an enrollment of 80-100 students. Honors courses are capped at 20 students.

Honors students develop one-on-one relationships with their professors. These professors know their Honors students by name as well as by their intellect. They are more apt to write better letters of recommendations leading to better job placement.

7. Who sets my Honors schedule?

All first semester freshmen are given schedules at their Connections program.

Second semester freshmen schedules are set by the Honors Program director.

From your sophomore year onward, you will choose your Honors courses to fulfill the rest of the 21 credit requirement.

8. May I do more than two Course by Contracts?

Probably not. If you take Honors courses to fulfill your General Education requirements, you should be almost done by the second semester of your sophomore year. Completed this way, you should only have room for two Course by Contracts.

9. Am I required to do an internship?

No, you are not required. However, in some major programs an internship is required. The Honors Program will let you get Honors credit for that same internship as long as the correct paperwork is filled out.

Am I required to do an independent study?

Again no, but since you must complete a Capstone Project to earn your Honors distinction, you may as well enroll in the two independent study courses and receive credit for your work.

10. What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

Being with like-minded students and forming a close bond that will last a lifetime.

85% of Honors Program graduates leave KU with a job or having been accepted into a graduate school program.

Employers are more likely to grant that important first interview when they see that you have successfully completed an Honors Program. They are aware that you possess the strengths/abilities that they are looking for: hardworking, dedicated, self-motivated, and intelligent.

Being enrolled in smaller sized General Education courses.

Early registration. Even as a freshman you get to register before seniors who are not in the program. This enables you to get the courses and professors you want at the times you want.