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Faculty Resources

Supporting an Online Course 

Consultation, training and personalized support services are available throughout the year to support faculty teaching online for their first time, as well as provide support for faculty transitioning from teaching face-to-face to teaching online.

For instant help visit the D2L Solutions Center, or for live support contact 610-683-4636 or email KU D2L support.

Managing an Online Course

D2L Course Merge Request - Combine multiple course sections into one course shell.

Summer 2019

D2L Organization and Bulk Enrollment Request - Request an organization course shell and/or bulk enrollment in D2L.

Teaching an Online Course

Prior to teaching online for KU, each faculty member must successfully complete the Teaching Online Certification Course (TOCC).  The TOCC is based on the Quality Matters© rubric and has been developed collaboratively and is co-facilitated by a team of Instructional Designers from Kutztown, CalU, Clarion, and Edinboro Universities. Each of the TOCC-affiliated universities, including KU, subscribes to the Quality Matters© program and utilizes the QM© rubric as the basis for Distance Education teaching support and course design consultation. 

If you are new to teaching online for KU and have not yet successfully completed the TOCC, please contact Douglas Scott.

Building an Online Course

By incorporating proven instructional design strategies and utilizing the most effective pedagogical principles, we can work together to meet the diverse learning styles of our students. An instructional designer is available for consultation, design and development of supplemental course materials for use in online instruction, and training in the use and integration of the most effective and appropriate instructional technology tools. Contact Douglas Scott or Jared Green for more details.

NEW! KU Online Course Design Model

The KU Online Course Design Model was developed by the Office of Distance Education in collaboration with KU CET to assist our faculty in developing a quality course site in D2L. Based on the internationally recognized Quality Matters Program (QM) standards for course design, the model incorporates federally-mandated accessibility standards and provides students with an easily navigable, student-friendly structure that does not constrain content or how it's delivered.

Why Use the Design Model?

The course design model in D2L provides students with a consistent experience about where to easily find key information from course to course. It doesn't mean that every course is identical, only that key design features are applied in a consistent way, a crucial characteristic of effective course design. 

Model Features

Many features have been built into the model, which not only save time but also help eliminate the guesswork for both you and your students:

  • Consistent, logical course structure to facilitate ease of navigation for the student
  • Adherence to Federally mandated accessibility standards, including:
    • Consistent formatting for headings (H3, H2, H1)
    • Consistent accessible font - Arial, Size 3 (12 point)
    • Web accessible colors - Accent blue (#006fbf)
  • A customizable "Welcome" announcement
  • Available structural placeholders, such as weekly modules

Are you are interested in learning more? Please visit our KU Online Course Design Model page or request the model from the Office of Distance Education.