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Faculty Spotlights

Kunal Das

Creating Quantum Fields that Define Reality

Since 2010, theoretical physicist Dr. Kunal K. Das has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct research at the interface of nanotechnology and ultracold atoms.  Full Story

Terrapin Field Research

Biology and Conservation of the Diamondback Terrapin

The diamondback terrapin is a medium-size aquatic turtle that inhabits brackish estuaries along the East and Gulf Coasts of the United States. Terrapin populations have declined.  Full Story

Dr. Robert Ryan

Cognitive Factors that Affect Learning

Dr. Ryan has engaged several groups of students in a series of studies on math learning. Full Story

Nest Egg

The Cost of Procrastination with Respect to Retirement Planning

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), there are 38 million working-age households (nearly 45% of the total) that do not have any retirement account, either in, or out of the workplace. Full Story

Beluga Whale

Seasonal Variation in Behaviors of Marine Mammals at Mystic Aquarium

In addition to student projects, regional presentations, and the overall study of seasonal patterns, data from this project is also being used to generate educational activities for K-12 students. Full Story

Evan Summer

Combining Printmaking Techniques

Professor Summer combines the techniques of etching and collagraph on single printing plates to create images that have the clarity and precision of etchings and the rich, textural qualities associated with collagraphs. Full Story