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Participation in the 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

Craft Show DisplayCurrent Kutztown students and recent graduates participated in the 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show in Philadelphia in the fall of 2013.  This innovative craft show is considered one of the most prestigious in the nation.  About 1,000 artists apply to the show, and around 200 are ultimately selected to participate.  In addition to consistently showcasing the best craft artists in the U.S., the show also includes guest artists each year from a selected country.

In recent years, the committee has invited colleges and universities with strong craft programs to showcase their students, in an effort to replenish, rejuvenate and continue to attract high quality artists, designers, dealers, buyers and the general public.  Kutztown was the only state university participating in the 2013 show.  The other private institutions included Moore College of Art, The University of the Arts Philadelphia, and Savannah College of Art and Design.  Students participating included:  CERAMICS: Candace Bergerson, Joel Johnson, Ben Mitchell, Alex Simms; FIBERS: Lizz Berry, Mary Martuscelli, Mary Wagner; FINE METALS: Allison Cole, Sarah Emert, Emily Shaffer, and Dan Wisner. 

Craft ShowCraft faculty guided the students in all aspects of the show, including the design of the displays and set up.  They also donated supplies for the booth, allowing the students to show their designs in a very professional manner.  Students staffed the booth, with a faculty member present each day, and showed their work and interacted with the public and the other artists exhibiting at the show. 

The experience provided these students with the opportunity to not only participate in creative activity that enhances their studies, but also to participate in the type of activities that professionals in the field undertake to earn a living from their work.


June, 2014