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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research:  An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. (As defined by the Council on Undergraduate Research)

Student conducting researchKutztown University recognizes that participation in research, creative activity, and scholarly discovery greatly enhances the undergraduate educational experience.  Undergraduate research has been shown to be a High Impact Educational Practice, which is an activity that increases student engagement and retention.

While the term 'research,' which has a scientific connotation, is usually used for simplicity of expression, original intellectual and creative contributions can be made in any academic discipline. Research may take different forms in different disciplines, but in all disciplines, it involves creative activities that produce meaningful results which add to the body of knowledge for the discipline. From constructing hypotheses and experiments in the sciences, to conducting archival work in libraries and other repositories, to creating or interpreting cultural products, each can make an original contribution to the particular discipline.

Develop new theories. Establish new facts. Solve problems. Explore new creative ideas. The possibilities are endless. 

Please visit the Undergraduate Research Fund page to learn about funding opportunities during the academic year for undergraduate research in the sciences, humanities, and arts at Kutztown University.  Also, you can view abstracts from prior students who received funding.

To learn more about funding opportunities for undergraduate research during the summer, visit the KU BEARS funding page.  You can also view abstracts of prior KU BEARS funded projects.