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Study Abroad

Kutztown University is dedicated to ensuring that each student, upon graduation, is the most well-rounded and culturally experienced professional they can be in the global arena.

But why wait until after graduation to see the world? Why not spend a summer earning credits in Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Austria or Germany? How about getting immersed in the history and culture of England or Russia? Consider teaching English, volunteering, or interning overseas.

KU is a member of the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) and affiliated with International Studies Abroad (ISA) to offer study abroad programs in more than 30 countries.

Students who want to study abroad may want to pursue KU's International Studies minor to help establish an understanding of the countries they may be visiting.

International opportunities are plentiful for the Kutztown University student. Get started now. The world won't wait.

Seeing the world with her own eyes

Andrea Rincon in Florence, Italy

Meet Andrea Rincon, who experienced a semester in Italy in the Study Abroad program.

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Meeting people, learning about the world

Mark McTague, the Great Wall of China

Meet Mark McTague, who experienced a semester in China in the Study Abroad program.

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Across the pond at another KU

Meet Amanda Panish, who experienced a semester at Kingston University in England as part of the Study Abroad program.

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