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Study Abroad Experience - Amanda Panish

By Erin Meitzler '11

Amanda Panish had a life goal to travel to Europe, and she figured that earning college credits while doing so was an ideal situation. So she went to England.

Studying at Kingston University, a 20 minute train ride from London, Amanda spent her semester learning about a different culture while introducing her American culture to her British friends.

"We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for my British friends, and they made us a roast dinner on Sunday. It's all about learning the culture, not just traveling."

She says going to school in London not only exposes you to another culture and lifestyle, but a different education experience as well. The experience "made me conscious of the differences between both of my schools."

Panish recommends studying abroad to other students because, "I had the time of my life, and even went back for spring break. And who knows, maybe you'll pick up a cross culture romance."

She advises other students going abroad to make friends with the locals.

"The locals know where to go and you learn so much more about the culture by spending time with them and they learn about ours. It makes you realize that your country isn't the center of the Earth."

The experience of living abroad made her more independent as she traveled around to Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Those experiences and the relationships she built with the Londoners are what she cherished most.  "I actually had a difficult time when I got home because I missed it and the people I left so much."