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Study Abroad Experience - Andrea Rincon

By Erin Meitzler '11

Andrea Rincon, an Art Education and Studio Art major, spent a semester enjoying the people, food and ambiance of Italy, the perfect location for continuing her art studies.

 Having lived in foreign countries before, Rincon nurtures an obsession to explore new places.

"It is important to expand my horizons and widen my perspectives about the world by getting to know other cultures and people."

She wants to be able to perceive the world through her own eyes.

"You cannot understand how incredible the journey is until you experience it for yourself."

While Florence, Italy was her actual destination and city of residence while studying abroad, she traveled to more than six countries and ten cities across Europe during her stay.  With so many different cultures within a short distance, she could use weekends and breaks to take the trips to other countries and not miss any classes.

Andrea admitted that she didn't know where she would like to study when she began to consider going overseas.

"At first I was not quite sure what city or country to pick since the KU Office for International Studies had quite a few to choose from. I worked back and forth with them in order to find the best fit that would accommodate my career goals and personal preferences."

The KU Office for International Studies worked closely with the College of Staten Island Center for International Service to arrange Andrea's housing, dining, classes, and pre-departure orientation with the Italian offices. The transition abroad was smooth, thanks to the help from these offices.

Andrea advises all students looking into studying in a foreign country to work hand-in-hand with their academic advisor and the Office of International Studies to choose the location that is best for their personal and professional development.

If given the chance to experience going abroad, she said students should take it.

"Please don't hesitate. You will be living once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I don't regret it and I will certainly go back if I have the chance."

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