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Bachelor of Science in:

Business Administration- Accounting

Accounting, often called the language of business, teaches the principles and methods by which organizations maintain their record-keeping systems. Additionally, this business-rooted area of study explores the cause and effect relationship that various financial events have on every part of that organization; and how accounting information impacts the day-to-day management decisions of every business.

Students who shine in the classroom at KU have vital internship opportunities that provide real-world experience in the accounting profession.

Career Opportunities
The Accounting program prepares students for careers in financial accounting, cost accounting, accounting information systems, tax accounting and auditing. Graduates of our Accounting Program are prepared to pursue careers as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA) or Certified Internal Auditors (CIA). In addition, Accounting majors can pursue careers in economic analysis, credit analysis, marketing, banking, or management within these fields.

What are the needed courses for an Accounting Major?
In addition to the thirteen business core courses at KU, Accounting majors experience specialized courses that are specifically designed to assist them in successful business ventures. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Tax Accounting I
  • Tax Accounting II
  • Intermediate Accounting I
  • Intermediate Accounting II
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing Practice and Standards

Link to: Accounting Check Sheet

Accounting is under the Department of Business Administration.