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Bachelor of Science in:

Cinema, Television and Media Production


Lights, camera, action! Cinema, Television and Media Production is one of the largest departments in the College of Visual in Performing Arts.  The Bachelor of Science program in Cinema, Television and Media Production helps students develop the technical and creative skills to tell stories and translate their vision to the screen. With an emphasis on cinema, television and emerging media, our program promotes visual storytelling in a variety of media outlets that captivate audiences with effective and engaging content.

In the first year, students begin crafting their own digital stories in our large multi-set television studio as well as going on location with our latest equipment and technology. Students gain a deeper understanding of media aesthetics and production techniques through coursework in film, television, and media history, literacy, analysis, theory, and ethics. Our students also learn how to grab an audience's attention through writing and directing, shot composition and lighting, sound design, and editing for character development and story.

Our experienced faculty assists students in translating their ideas into reality, producing both small-scale and large-scale productions in essentially all genres over the course of the program. Our state-of-the-art remote production trailer offers students the opportunity to produce live events such as sporting events, musical performances and other on-location events on KUTV. Students can also take part in a number of clubs that create original news and entertainment programming such as Film Club, Laugh Track, Mic Check, National Broadcasting Society, and Spotlite.

Because of the active and close-knit atmosphere of our program, our small class sizes foster impressive mentorship opportunities between faculty and student. Students then take this hands-on and practical knowledge into their required 12-credit internship program during the student's final semester, ensuring the student gains on-the-job training and industry connections.

Previous graduates of the program have gone on to work for traditional broadcast television stations, film studios, independent production companies, local and national news channels, online comedy video producers, and countless businesses looking for professionals with a strong mix of production and theory. Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared to enter the industry in a variety of occupations, including screenwriters, directors, editors, cinematographers, camera operators, and producers. Prospective students looking for a diverse area of study in cinema, television, digital video, and related areas should enter the Cinema, Television and Media Production program at KU, which is offered as both a major and minor. We'd love to hear your stories so find us on the second floor of Rickenbach Learning Center. If you see a popcorn machine, you're in the right spot. Additional information about the Department of Cinema, Television and Media Production can be found here:

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