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Bachelor of Arts in:

Communication Studies

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, students take courses that integrate the theoretical understanding of communication with the practical application of communication skills. Communication Studies includes the study of many kinds of communication including advocacy and discourse, interpersonal communication, media studies, performance studies and strategic communication. Students can choose to specialize in one or more of these areas of communication in order to tailor their major to their unique interests and career goals. In addition, students can explore their areas of interest through hands-on-learning experiences such as internships and service-learning.

The program is offered by the Department of Communication Studies.

Minoring in communication studies is an 18 credit option. We also offer an interdisciplinary minor in Public Relations in coordination with the Department of English, and a minor in Digital Communication and New Media.

Whether you are interested in improving your public speaking skills or adapting literature for stage or screen, whether you want to learn to captivate a large audience or understand how people communicate in families and intimate relationships, whether you want to know how to use new technology to spread your public relations message or conduct research in health communication, the faculty are here to help you understand how communication works and apply this knowledge to your personal and professional goals. Our faculty's research on communication is included in books, journals and nationally recognized conferences such as the National Communication Association Convention and International Communication Association.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of this program acquire the knowledge of how communication functions as well the skills to communicate interpersonally, in small groups, in the workplace and with the use of media. Therefore, communication studies majors can pursue employment in a wide range of industries including business, not-for-profit organizations, media companies, hospitals/health care agencies, public relations/advertising firms, and jobs in politics/government, training/education, performing arts/entertainment and human resource sectors.

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