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Bachelor of Science in Education in:

Elementary Education

This fulfilling major within the College of Education prepares teacher candidates for one of two paths in teaching children and youth in the elementary school. Those two paths consist of a major in either Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4, or Grades 4-8.

Elementary Education, Grades Pre-K-4

As an Elementary Education major, join in on the creativity and excitement that accompanies teaching young children. Capitalize on their natural curiosity to build essential skills that help to instill a love of learning. Enjoy the exploration of all areas of study and prepare for topical instruction in areas spanning from the natural world, to your surrounding community, to outer space and beyond. Coursework includes a strong background in the fundamentals of general education, such as composition, English literature, mathematics, history, and courses in the fields of humanities, social and natural sciences.

Teacher candidates in Elementary Education will work toward completion of certification to teach grades PreK-4.

Elementary Education, Grades 4-8

A Middle Level educator is captivated by this time of change in a child's development. Middle Level education offers the opportunity to dive deeper into subject matter in more advanced ways. Prepare to teach in self-contained classrooms in lower levels as well as subject matter focused coursework in upper levels. Math or science are required as part of a chosen combination that meets your areas of interest.

Choose from one of the following combinations.

  • Mathematics and English
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Mathematics and Social Studies
  • Science and English
  • Science and Social Studies

Teacher candidates who graduate from this Elementary Education program are certified to teach grades 4-8.

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Post-baccalaureate, students can pursue one of the many graduate programs related to the field of Education.

This program is taught by the Department of Elementary Education.

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Transfer Education Admission Requirement

For transfers with 48 or More Credits
Teaching is a profession that requires selective admission procedures and rigorous course of study.  Transfers with less than 48 credits must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA from all institutions previously attended.  Transfers with 48 or more credits must be admitted into teacher candidacy in order to be admitted into the education major.

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