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Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education in:

Library Science

Kutztown University offers two undergraduate programs in library science - a Bachelor of Science in Education which is a teaching program, and a Bachelor of Science, which is a non-teaching program.  

The program is taught by the Department of Library & Learning Technologies.

Bachelor of Science - Library Science

Kutztown Library Science students are smart, savvy, energetic, and creative. These life-long learners are poised to propel libraries and the communities and industries they support into the future, while preserving the record of the past. Candidates in Library Science take a broad spectrum of liberal arts courses, as well as gain an excellent knowledge of library technologies including computers, databases, video, graphics, interactive multimedia and displays, and maker spaces.

Bachelor of Science in Education - Library Science

For those interested in becoming Library Media Specialists in a school setting, KU offers one of the few undergraduate programs in the country, and the only one in Pennsylvania that will allow students to become certified professional Library Media Specialists. A PA Library Media Specialist teaching certification is highly regarded in many other surrounding states and beyond. Library Media Specialists work with children and fellow teachers to enrich a love of learning, support research, integrate instructional technologies and drive creative information sharing. Upon completion of program requirements, candidates will receive Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and will be eligible for employment immediately. Library Science Minor Students interested in this minor take focused courses in library science and related archival and learning technologies. This program compliments majors in: anthropology, art history, business, communication studies, education, electronic media, English, German, history, music, philosophy, or Spanish.

Career Opportunities
Graduates with a degree in Library Science can find employment in academic and public libraries, information centers, information systems and technology, and electronic publishing.