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Bachelor of Science in:

Business Administration- Management

Management is a dynamic field found in every business and every type of industry. Managers play many roles including leader, liaison, spokesperson, entrepreneur and negotiator. They work with and through others to accomplish the goals and objectives of organizations and the individuals connected with them. Management students study leadership, team building, strategy, and creative problem solving.

Managers are the decision makers in a diverse and ever-changing global business environment. Their actions and decisions affect everything in our society from what products we find on the store shelves to what we see on television. Management plays a key role in everyday life.

Even individuals not in traditional management positions call upon their management skills. The Management major focuses on learning the techniques necessary to achieve goals efficiently and effectively.

Career Opportunities:
Demanding, rewarding careers in general management, operations, human resources, consulting and logistics management can all be achieved with this degree.  Not only are management skills necessary in business, but in careers such as medicine, education and social work.

Required courses for a Management major
In addition to the thirteen business core courses at KU, Management majors experience a wide variety of courses particular to their area of study, which include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior in Management
  • Business and Social Environment

Link to: Management Check Sheet

This program is taught by the Department of Business Administration.