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Bachelor of Arts in:


The study of philosophy, perhaps more than any other discipline, develops abilities to think clearly, critically, and creatively and to exchange and communicate ideas orally and in writing. These skills are essential to managing your life well and are in great demand in almost any profession. There are two tracks that a Philosophy major can follow:

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Core Courses
The following courses are required for this major:

  • PHI 140 Symbolic Logic
  • PHI 380 Senior Seminar in Philosophy
  • Three of the following four courses in the history of philosophy:
    • PHI 105 Medieval Philosophy
    • PHI 116 Ancient Philosophy
    • PHI 121 Modern Philosophy
    • PHI 136 Kant to Hegel
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - Religious Studies

Core Courses
The following courses are required for this major:

  • PHI 60CDCT  Introduction to Religious Studies
  • PHI 140CT  Symbolic Logic
  • PHI 170WICT  Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 381CTWI  Sr. Seminar in Philosophy/Religious Studies

Two of the following four are required for this major:

  • PHI 105CDWI  Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 116CTWI  Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 121CTWI  Modern Philosophy
  • PHI 136WI  Kant to Hegel

One of the following four is required for this major:

  • PHI 110WICD  Comparative Study of Religion
  • PHI 130CDWI  Asian Philosophy
  • PHI 249CDWI  Interpretations of the Quran
  • PHI 270CDWI  Interpretation of Religious Texts

Other electives

Examples of other electives that you can take include:

  • Persons, Life and Death
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Human Love and Sexual Morality
  • Metaphysics
  • Theory of Knowledge

Upper-level classes tend to be generally small, allowing students majoring or minoring in Philosophy to create closer bonds with their classmates and educators. The reasonable size makes it easier to meet the needs of individual students.


Minor in Philosophy

The Philosophy minor program is designed to permit great flexibility in content, depending on the student's interests. The minor requires eighteen semester hours in philosophy. At least two courses must be at the 100 level or above. At least one course must be at the 300 level or above.

Minor in Bioethics

The minor program in Bioethics is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the field of bioethics, including medical and environmental ethics. The program aims to help the student develop a basic understanding of biology and environmental science, ethical theories and values, and philosophical theories concerning humanity's relationship to the natural world. The minor requires 18 or 19 semester hours in philosophy, biology, and related courses in other disciplines.

Double Majoring in Philosophy

Majors in any other discipline, but particularity in Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Business, Political Science, English, History, Modern Languages, Criminal Justice, and the natural sciences, can usefully combine their studies with a double major in philosophy. They need to take only 33 credits in philosophy to earn a double major. Most, if not all, of the concomitant courses and arts and sciences electives required for the major in Philosophy will be satisfied by courses taken in the second major.

Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar in Philosophy consists of an individualized tutorial on a topic of the student's choice. The department has also been able to offer Independent Studies (one-on-one tutorials) on topics such as African-American Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, and Advanced Logic. Students have also received tutorial instruction in Latin and Greek. Independent Studies may be available in cases in which a student has a special interest, but there is not a regular course offering.

Career Opportunities

Because the skills that one acquires through the study of philosophy are highly transferable, the Philosophy program at KU prepares a student for nearly any area of work. Law, business, public service, publishing, medicine, the ministry, and the teaching of philosophy are just some of the areas that Philosophy majors can find employment or pursue graduate study.

This program is taught by the Department of Philosophy.