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Bachelor of Science in:

Biology: Pre-Medical and Other Health Careers

Students wishing to pursue careers in any of the health professions, including, among others, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and physician's assistant, select a major in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Medical and Other Health Careers. Within this major, courses in Zoology, Microbiology, Research Methods, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math provide undergraduates with the knowledge and skills that are required for them to succeed in the appropriate graduate programs. The strong laboratory components of our science courses are taught by our experienced and well-qualified faculty and provide students with hands-on laboratory and research skills. Many students also choose to participate in individualized research experiences and/or internships to round out their knowledge, experience, and applied skills.

The science faculty at KU are currently implementing a program targeted towards helping our students to prepare for the MCAT Exam. This is just one example of the commitment of the faculty to student success at KU and beyond.

Career Opportunities
Admission into medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy, or physician's assistant graduate programs, Biomedical Technician, Clinical Laboratory or Research Technician, Drug Information Specialist, Emergency Medical Technician, Environmental Health Specialist, Forensic Scientist/Criminalist, Geriatric Care Manager.

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Admission Requirements

Transfer students must have a combined 2.75 GPA from all institutions they previously attended for the Biology/Pre-Medical major.
Choose Kutztown. Science, Technology and Math. Open House