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Bachelor of Science in:

Public Administration

The study of Public Administration is available as both a major and a minor. Public administration involves the implementation of both public service and governmental programs and services. Students learn how budgets, planning, and management techniques lead to the effective functioning of agencies.

Courses in the major include:

  • Empirical Political Analysis
  • Public Administration
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Government Internship
  • Public Policy Making
Public Administration with Paralegal Studies

The completion of the B.S. Public Administration with Paralegal Studies program will enable students to find employment as a paralegal or enhance their major. It is also beneficial for individuals preparing for Law School. Students will take courses such as Civil Litigation and Procedure, Torts and Personal Injury, Law Office Management, Legal Research & Writing in this fascinating program.

The program entails the study of the paralegal profession as well as the limitations imposed by unauthorized practice of law. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to public except as permitted by law.

Minor in Public Administration

 Students choosing a minor in public administration are required to take two courses, American Government and Public Administration. An additional twelve semester hours of electives in political science  complete the minor.

The Department of Political Science at Kutztown University is staffed by a diverse faculty committed to excellence in teaching and research. Our faculty cover all major areas of study: American Politics and Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Public Administration.

Career Opportunities

  • Auditor
  • City Manager
  • Private Investigator
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Industrial Relations Specialist
  • Public Administration Consulting

This program is taught by the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.