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Bachelor of Science in:

Public Relations

Public Relations encompasses the professional management of communication between any organization or individual and its audiences. This communication can come in the form of events, media relations, or complex strategic campaigns.

The bachelor of science in public relations at Kutztown University features an innovative approach to prepare its graduates for successful careers in the field, including in public relations and social media, or to pursue graduate/advanced study.

Combining three key foundations - focused on writing, design and technique - the program provides a practical, skills-based curriculum designed to foster creative and critical thinking.

Students are challenged to complete projects for actual clients, culminating in a one-semester, senior-year internship and a two-semester capstone sequence designed to enhance their professionalization with a real-world, on-campus agency experience. The "diversity" concomitant offers students the opportunity to consider a variety of perspectives as they create and implement public relations programs designed to build relationships with diverse groups.

The purpose of public relations is to counsel management and mediate messages between an organization and the people it affects. Public relations also serves to manage communication with individuals and groups that can affect the success of an organization, thereby creating mutual partnerships that benefit both. The study of public relations enables students to enter their field of interest and provide meaningful contributions to any organization or entity, including for-profit and non-profits, sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, individual celebrities, government offices, and international conglomerates, to name a few. In today's communication technology-centered world, coupled with increasing media presence, the need for qualified and well-trained public relations practitioners is greater than ever.

Career Opportunities
Public Relations students are prepared for careers in public relations, social media, corporate communications, media relations, public affairs, public information, among others.

This interdisciplinary program draws on the skills and expertise of KU's Department of Communication Studies and Department of English.