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Bachelor of Arts in:


Studying another language is an exciting and rewarding experience, not to mention a career path that leads to many opportunities in today's global marketplace. Whether as a major or a minor program, language study increases your marketability and broadens your horizons. Not only will you become proficient in another language, but you will also become sensitized to other cultures (their history, literature, economy, beliefs, etc.).

Through language study you will:

  • Learn and use cross-cultural communication skills
  • Develop a better understanding of other people and different cultures
  • Experience another culture's artistic, literary, socio-political, and historical contributions that have changed and continue to change the world
  • Appreciate and celebrate world diversity
  • Improve your skills in your native language
  • Understand more fully your place, and your native culture's place, on a global scale

Kutztown University offers a Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Spanish. Future teachers can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Spanish. Studying Spanish is especially relevant in our area, as the Spanish-speaking population continues to grow in our region.

Through specialized courses such as Spanish Conversation and Advanced Syntax and Style, students will achieve a solid foundation in written and conversational Spanish. All students, regardless of their level of ability, will be accommodated as they learn about the culture, language and the important history of Spanish-speaking countries. Classroom activities, such as lecture, group discussion, and pair work, are enhanced by the use of computer technology, music, video, and other techniques that our diverse faculty has acquired through their world experiences.

This program is taught by the Department of Modern Language Studies.

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Spanish

The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Spanish program not only gives students a sound basis in Spanish, but also provides a strong knowledge of educational techniques. Students who complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education will be certified to teach Spanish in grades K through 12. The program is coordinated between the Department of Modern Languages and the Secondary Education Department in the College of Education. Learn more about a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Spanish.

Extra Curricular Activities

● Sigma Delta Pi - Nationally-recognized Hispanic Honor Society for Spanish majors and minors

● The Organization for Latino Awareness - Student-run organization that promotes awareness through activities

● Hispanic Film Series - Annually provides movie viewings in Spanish or dealing with related content

Study abroad
Kutztown University offers the intriguing opportunity to study abroad and immerse yourself in the culture of Spain, Ecuador or Costa Rica. Learn more about KU's Study Abroad program.

Career Opportunities
Based on the growth of the Hispanic population and the increase of Spanish-speakers world-wide, bilingual English/Spanish ability and cross-cultural understanding are valued assets in all fields, but especially so within the business world, health care fields, government, education, social work, and law enforcement.