Housing Preview Day

Registration for this event is currently closed, as we are filled to capacity.  
Do you want to see where you'll be living at KU this fall?  Visit KU's Housing Preview Day, which will take place on July 15 for the opportunity to see the residence hall you'll call your home!

Housing Preview Day begins at 10:30 AM on July 15 and will include a tour of the residence hall where you will live, including all common areas and a sample room (not your actual room).  We will also treat you to lunch in the Cub Café after the tour.  You have the option to stop into the KU Campus Store after lunch to learn about the process of buying books.  The schedule of the day is below:

10:30 AM - Residence Hall Tour

11:30 AM - Lunch in the Cub Café

12:00 PM - Optional stop in the KU Campus Store

Please note: this event is limited to students who have been admitted and paid the $275 Advanced Registration Deposit to officially commit to KU for Fall 2019.