International Cost of Attendance

Tuition, fees, room, meals, and estimated additional expenses for the student visa document

Required Funding per Academic Year for your I-20 Student Visa Documents

Based on 2020-2021 rates – these amounts are subject to change. Refer to the Student Accounts website for more information about tuition and fees. 



(academic year)

Second Bachelor’s

(academic year)


(academic year)


(one semester)






Administrative Fees





Housing & Meals





Books & Personal Expenses





Health Insurance





Total Amount to be Verified for One Year of Study





*Estimated expenses for Housing & Meals include $600 fee for on-campus housing during winter break, approximately mid-December to late January. Refer to Housing and Dining websites for more information about these costs and what is included. 

**Dependent support: Student must show an additional $6,500 of support for a spouse and each child.

You will need to submit evidence of financial resources available to you for the "Total Amount to be Verified for One Year of Study" amount listed above from your own assets or a sponsor. You must also show that you have continued financial support for the duration of your academic program using your own funds or funds provided by sponsors. If you have been awarded an international tuition waiver, scholarship, or graduate assistantship, you can reduce the overall amount of required funding you have to prove based on your institutional financial aid.

Submit only copies of official financial documents; you will need to take the official financial documents to your visa interview. Here is a list of acceptable documents:

  • Six consecutive months of bank statements
  • Bank loans for educational purposes
  • Scholarship letters
  • Investment statements indicating liquid assets
  • Government funding guarantor letter

All documents must be less than two months old and translated to English. Provide a description of currency type if not explicitly stated on the document.